And yeah, I know, we’ve been taught that bragging is bad, rich people are snotty, and having it all means you will have no one. And, I’m here to remind you, that’s a load of BS. 

You want a life that feels good. 

You want friendships that are nourishing, a career that feels fulfilling, a body that takes care of you. 

You want to wake up in the morning and feel good getting dressed. You want to feel connected to something bigger and like this life you’re living matters. 

You deserve a life worth bragging about. 

Maybe you’re changing careers, exiting a relationship, or getting ready to level up in your business. Whatever is happening, you’re ready for a change, and you know that this transformation is gonna take some support. 

Welcome to the shiny part of the internet where spirit meets style, intuition meets choice, and YOU meet ME. 

And girl, you’re in the right place

You are worthy of your dreams. 


In fact, you’re meant to live them. It’s literally what we’re on this planet to do. And, the way to do it is actually with less doing and more being. 

What do I mean? 

In order to “have it all” (whatever your definition of that is), you have to be an energetic match for it. 

The “work” of getting what you want is actually being who you want to be. 

And yeah, life sends you a(n epic shit) ton of curveballs along the way to challenge you into being the truest version of you. 

My curveballs? RSD, an epic chronic disease that has caused a ton of physical pain over the last 16 years. A well-meaning but low key fucked up family (yeah, generational trauma is thing), and a marriage that I decided to end after 10 years. 

Trust me when I say, I get the ups and downs of life. 

And, also trust me when I share that style saved me. Food healed me. And spirituality keeps me going. 

If you’ve made it to this page, it’s no accident. You’ve been guided. And, I’m here to help. (In fact, to make sure I’m really really ready to help, I received my Health Coach Certification in 2013, my Breathwork Practitioner Level 2 Training in 2017, and my Aura Soma Practitioner Level 2 Training in 2018) and have been working with clients in styling, coaching, and healing for over a decade. 

Together, let’s get to the part of this story where you feel like the most vibrant, truest, shiniest version of YOU. 

I’m Rebecca Santilli, Spiritual Stylist, Coach + Healer, and I’m so glad you’re here. 

The only question is where shall we start? 


Need some spiritual guidance? I got you. As an Aura Soma Practitioner, I will take you on an inner journey to shine light on what your soul wants you to know, how to best approach the obstacles you’re currently facing, and what to do to step into the most powerful version of yourself.


Rainbow BREATHWORK Sessions

Balance your chakras and shed old patterns through the power of your breath, color cues, and the practice of honoring  your body and your feelings. 

inner STYle & SELF LOVE

You’re wearing your patterns - and I’m not just talking about your clothes. Ready to explore your inner style to increase your spiritual connection, confidence, and intuition? I got you. If you’re looking to step into a new version of yourself but aren’t sure where to start,  I’m here to help!


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