Hey you. Here’s a quick checklist to make sure you’re ready for this jelly:

You’ve made the time to really give your heart and mind to this process


You’re prepared to focus a lot of your energy on making it happen


You’re ready to manifest the life you want through material AND emotional release


You want to banish those “blahs” for GOOD, and bring your sparkle back to STAY.


You’re done hiding and ready to start seeking (and shining!)


You’re not a lover of quick fixes (well except things like a new lipstick, or burning some sage…

those are totally acceptable, quick, “energy upgrades”)


To put it simply: Your whole LIFE could use some cleansing.

And this heavy vibe you’re feelin’ is totally making you question whether all of the yoga, farmers’ markets, and personal growth is really cutting it… or if what you really need is simply… LESS.

Well, I wholeheartedly agree.

And I knew you were ready.

Now you’re gonna learn how to be able.

Click on one of these fancy ways to work with me and start feeling like the goddess that you are.

Hiiii. Oh wait, are you still looking for something down here?

If you think I can help you out with something that you don’t see above, just ask!

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