Planning a Healthy, Tasty Thanksgiving in Style

plumesWhat to wear? How can I amp up the ambiance? Is it cool to mix and match my plates? What are some easy, healthy side dishes? How to not feel totally exhausted this year?

I got you on this. Here’s my first in a series of Tastefully Curated posts to bring you 10 tips on planning a healthy, tasty Thanksgiving— in style.

Are you over floral centerpieces? I kinda am. These 3 DIY centerpiece ideas are flowerless, classic and beautiful. Because you know I’m all about the plumes, bout the plumes, no floral..

You had me at butternut squash. Add this delicious vegetarian option to the Thanksgiving table.

Here’s another tasty side dish that also has sage as an ingredient and can be made days in advance (like today!)  That’s so major. Plus, wild rice is a crowd-pleaser whether you’re a vegetarian or not.

I love these simple Thanksgiving style tips, especially the one about adding “extra flair” — yes please.

Being grateful. It’s what Thanksgiving is all about, so sit down with a cup of tea and listen to how you can fully appreciate all the amazing things in your life.

How does she do it? Check out Emily Henderson’s post that will inspire you to set a fall table with a saturated unique color palette and tons of style.

I am so ready to try out these simple holiday hairdos. The roll-up is my fave.

Because many of you are getting your holiday decor on around Thanksgiving time and these are some festive, yet subdued and totally stylish options. Yessss to the honeycomb ball tree.

Manage your holiday stress with this downloadable self-care planner. This is non-negotiable, so be sure to take care of you!

I absolutely adore Christina’s Personal Styling column over at the Anthro blog- and this post is no exception. Get some amazing day to night swaps that will take your style all the way to Thanksgiving and beyond! And if you’re a Long Island local, come in for a complimentary Personal Styling appointment with me at the Anthropologie in Manhasset- I will make sure you are all set for the holiday season hustle.


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