Perfect Pairings / 04

photo (1)“wine + cheese”

Not to be completely obvious or anything but I’ve recently returned from the amazing Portland food scene and today’s Perfect Pairing is a classic. If you’re gasping and thinking “but she’s a health coach” …just slow down and take a breath. As much as I know what works best for my body, I refuse to cut the cheese (ha no pun intended) out of my diet completely. It’s all about balance. Over the years I’ve noticed a direct connection between my acne breakouts and my intake of dairy, which is why I tweaked my diet and look for hormone-free, grass-fed cheeses made from raw milk, like Stella Vallis Tomme from my online farmers market Farmigo, or if that’s not an option- goat’s cheeses are better. They are easier to digest and contain different proteins than cow’s milk making it less likely to be an allergen (unless you are severely sensitive to dairy). My skin is grateful for these subtle lifestyle shifts, and maybe yours will be too.

Photo credit goes to my Instagram feed, taken at Enso Wine Bar in Portland. Lots more foodie pics where that came from, so don’t look an an empty stomach! Just because I’m a health coach, doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy my wines. I’ve been living the 80/20 way for years. We all have to find that balance of pleasure and taking care of ourselves. Cheers to the weekend everyone!


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