(Re)decorating: 5 Tips to Create an Attractive Gallery Wall

photo(20)Thinking it’s about time to liven up your walls and give it a personal touch…hmmm, can we say gallery wall?

Tip #1: Collect, collect, collect. Think about framing a favorite postcard, fabric swatch, or a record album to create an impact. Re-purpose something pretty- I saved a wallpaper remnant that never became our accent wall, but it did make it into our gallery arrangement! A couple of works by our artist friends make this collection even more special to us. Garage sales, flea markets, and thrift shops are great places to visit to build your collection.



Tip #2: Go beyond the frame. Add some depth, texture, and dimension with objects, shelves, mirrors.

That rhino newsprint bust- yep, I went there!
Here’s the links:
1. mirror
2. brackets
3. similar sconce
4. bust


Tip #3: Play around with placement. To do this, lay the tissue paper on top of your pieces and cut carefully. Use painter’s tape to try them on the wall in different arrangements. You won’t end up with a wall full of holes before committing. A general guideline (not a must) is to hang pictures at 57″ on center from the floor. This is “gallery height” and roughly the average human eye level. We loosely used the 57″ line to dictate the center of this gallery-style grouping (meaning, the row with the Ferris Wheel is at this line so we can still hang more pieces below/above and it will work out oh-so-well.)

Tip #4: There is right or wrong way to do it. Uniqueness is built on imperfection! Still… creating a stylish arrangement can be intimidating, so let’s break it down more:
  • find an inspiring arrangement via the net or a magazine and make it work for you
  • keep a few inches between all pieces for consistency
  • make sure you hang dimensional pieces higher if you are curating a wall near heavy foot traffic (don’t want visitors hitting their heads on your artwork!)
  • when in doubt, just hang your most loved piece in the center of the wall and work your way out
  • vary the frame style for a diverse eclectic vibe
  • unify the frame style for an updated contemporary vibe
  • consider transforming an inexpensive frame with paint or tape
photo(21)Tip #5: Leave room for the unexpected. I love the concept of an ever-changing and growing gallery wall. I’ve started small, but will be adding new pieces as I get them, eventually stretching this into a salon-style installation from chair rail up to ceiling!

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