ATFL Manifesto

photo(1)Creating this was fun. Like a lot of fun. I totally recommend making your own manifesto- just be bold and express yourself (hey, hey, hey, hey!) Think about what makes you happy, what lights you up…what do you believe in? Once I sat down to create my manifesto for my business, the words just started flowing. The phrase “A Taste for Life” actually can be interpreted two ways:

1. that excitement, that enthusiasm, that appreciation for life’s beauty

2. introducing (small amounts of) good food and amazing style into your life and finding out how it makes you feel

I hope this gives you more insight into what the ATFL lifestyle is all about, and if something resonates with you- let me know! I will posting bits and pieces of the manifesto on Facebook and Instagram this week, so please share the love. Especially if you agree that “food and fashion do mix” or that “the right accessory can be a way better pick-me-up than coffee” xoxo

I believe:

That good taste isn’t just for the kitchen.

In getting hopped up on homemade meals, green smoothies, and great sushi.

In doing yoga, eating vegetables, and wearing bold lipstick.

That food & fashion do mix.

That the right accessory can be a way better pick-me-up than coffee. 

In personal style– no one can do it exactly like you.

In color and pattern as mood-enhancers.

That every day is a fashion show.

That the fit is just as important as the flatter.

That celebrating your sparkle is a must.

That sacrificing your artistic taste for mediocrity is totally unreasonable.

That walks on the beach are underrated.

In fresh starts.

In banishing the blahs.

In leading by example and inspiring women to go from rut to strut.

That you should feel as good about your body as you do about your living room (&vice versa).

That your home should tell your story.

That surrounding yourself with the things you love is always a fabulous idea.

That expressing who you are can make you feel amazing…so can wine and girl talk.

That a great life tastes good.

In creating beauty, as a way to connect us to one another and to the world.

In a life well-curated.


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