Craving a New Outlook?

photo(16)You love a quick fix. Who doesn’t? But if you’ve heard me talk about my 5 Day Reset program, then you know I don’t believe in quick fixes…except when it comes to style!

So how can we keep things fresh when our style is starting to sag a bit around the house and we find ourselves stuck in a major rut? How do we perk up our bedroom without spending a ton of time and money to make it into the supposed “sanctuary” that you see in all the magazines?

It’s like this: change your sheets, change your attitude. Upgrade! My bedroom (pictured) isn’t exactly magazine-worthy (yet!), but it speaks to me and I feel inspired, energized, and comfortable when I’m in there. Bedding has so much to do with that, and the best part is you don’t need a design consultant or a toolkit to refresh your look.

You can play around with color, pattern, and texture- keeping a couple of constants so that mixing and matching becomes a no-brainer. Contrast is good! If you have a favorite throw pillow, start with that and build from there. I used yellow floral as a constant, bringing in shades of grey when I’m looking for a sweet and soft combo. I alternate pops of red and orange when I’m the mood for a sassy and spicy mix! You can’t go wrong with a bold color for a super-quick fix. Where to shop (besides in your own closets)? Target and West Elm are my top two picks for their accessibility, variety, and price-point. Now climb in and get some sleep, 7-8 hours preferred!

What are your favorite quick fixes around the home that help you shift your outlook? Share in the comments below!


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