An Online Farmers Market

photo(29)My Wednesday nights have gotten a whole lot healthier (crazy, I know) and way more social! It’s all because of a new collaboration I began with with an online farmers market. What? Yes, you need to know about this! Farmigo is an online farmers market that connects communities directly to local farms. Growing up in a health-conscious household, I’ve visited my fair share of farmers markets but this concept is so unique. You just order what you want online (it’s more than just produce!) and find a convenient location to pick up weekly or as needed. Currently Farmigo is limited to the New York and San Fran areas, but if this is you or someone you know-  take a look into becoming a member. As an Organizer, my front porch has become the hot pickup spot in the east end of Long Beach for anyone who wants to join in on the delicious action. Take a peek here, I’d love to have you! We’ve also been known to be verrrrry generous with samples of our Wholly Holy Granoly while you’re here, yum. This is just the beginning of some very exciting happenings between Farmigo and A Taste for Life, so stay tuned!

Tasteful Tip: if you’re nowhere near my Long Beach location, don’t worry- there may be a pickup location close to you-  so take a look. And if you want to become a Farmigo Organizer and start your own healthy community- go for it and tell ’em I sent you! Your neighbors will thank you.


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