An IIN Takeover

Yesterday was all things instajam. I’m a graduate of IIN who got chosen to take over their IG feed for the day. What’s my day look like? Keep on reading- I recap the photos and inside scoop on what motivates me as well as some feel-good tips that you can apply right away! Who here Instagrams? If you have some favorite accounts, please share in the comments below.

photo(43)This quote pretty much sums up what inspires and makes me sparkle every day. As a former visual stylist and design consultant, I very much believe that everything in life is art. A Taste for Life was born out of my passion for using food and style to change lives. These photos  give a glimpse into the key elements that are essential for the work I do – helping others to go from rut to strut using food as medicine and emphasizing personal style in the closet and in the home… because good taste isn’t just for the kitchen, right?!

photo(44)Being born into a health-conscious household, I was raised on a vegetarian-ish (official term) diet by a mother who is an incredibly gifted cook. She was always whipping up healthier snack alternatives for us kids. Over 20 years later, her unique handmade sweet and savory flavors of granola are being sold as Wholly Holy Granoly to the masses and we’re still eating it for breakfast after our warm lemon water! What’s the one healthy thing I didn’t have for breakfast until I was an adult? Green smoothies. More than just a daily ritual, these green beauties have been the cornerstone for my healing process and my entry into next-level healthy living. Recipe for Mint Choco-Chip right here! Ever since being diagnosed with RSD in 2003, I’ve been on a mission to take my life back and turn that sour lemon into electric lemonade– and I want to guide you do the same. Have you had your green smoothie yet today?

photo(45)Food healed me and style revived me! It can do the same for you. I’m a proud RSD warrior, but years of severe chronic pain threatened to dull my sparkle in a big way. Instead of criticizing my body for being too swollen, too tired, too painful, too weak, I found that being extra sweet to my body and letting my inner tastemaker shine through was totally reinvigorating. I now admire all of me, including my achy ankle. Acupuncture has been a powerful healing treatment for my body and my mind, and a non-negotiable for self-care. When we begin to love and accept what we see in the mirror, it has a revitalizing effect on our entire lifestyle. Start by taking the time to put on an outfit that you feel amazing in, and see how it can truly make you have a better day! Bonus points if you post a selfie— I’m serious just try it 😉

photo(46)I’ve always appreciated bold doses of color—in everything! Color is a big part of the attraction we feel toward food (and fashion). When it comes to fruits and veggies, color = power! I try to eat a rainbow of options every day and seasonally, I like to hit the reset button and do a cleanse. It’s when I reconnect with myself, declutter my home, and re-energize my body. This simple, colorful recipe is a part of the menu plan for my upcoming online group cleanse, the spring 5 Day Reset. Fresh Pineapple Relish over Roasted Asparagus became a super tasty side dish along with salmon for dinner. I’m a huge advocate for local, seasonal, naturally cleansing whole foods and I recently became an Organizer for Farmigo, an online farmers market. I love helping my clients to have easier access to healthy foods, and spreading the word that homemade is best!

photo(47)Peering through the kitchen at my client’s house. I love it when a space comes together! Your home has the power to refresh and inspire you. I worked with this couple to find the perfect color palette for their new home. Before their color consultation it was a blank slate and now it’s been getting infused with character (and fresh flowers!) I’m a total decorating addict. It makes such a difference to walk into an inviting space that feels like you. Break that rut and boost your personal touch by showcasing something meaningful. This could mean arranging your favorite books on the coffee table, or even on your bar cart. If you have any framed children’s art, add it to energize the space! Put any collections on display- quirky, vintage, and found items are perfect for adding charm. Environment is everything, and this includes not just the WHO, but the WHAT you surround yourself with. So how do you want to feel when you walk in the door?


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