When you feel your best, you look your best.

It’s not one or the other.


 You’re a glass half full kinda girl with a killer sense of humor who’s into loving life (and posting photos of it on Instagram). You want to live your best life, eat food that nourishes you, wear clothes that make you feel hot as hell + have a home that you love looking at, but right now that’s not going too well. Maybe…
  • You’ve tried doing the restrictive diets, using the fitness apps, but after a couple weeks you always fall off the wagon and end up feeling worse then when you started.
  • You know that your pant size is just a number, but it still gets you down when you go to try on clothes and everything you grabbed was a size too small. You want to feel better in your body.
  • You wake up in the morning feeling blah, look through your closet hating everything you see and walking around your home that just doesn’t look or feel quite like you.
  • You’ve got a long list of things ‘to do’ for yourself (yoga, hit the gym, juice) but stuff always happens that keeps you from getting to it.
  • You regularly give yourself the “ok, it’s time to make some changes- for REAL this time” talk but it hasn’t actually happened yet… and it’s frustrating because you know deep down that you deserve the happiness that comes with loving your body (and your wardrobe and your home.)

And honey, you can have it all. But first, you need to admit that what you’ve been doing ISN’T WORKING. You need a fresh way to tackle your blahs, you need to get out of your rut, you need…



Overwhelm is so out. The Reset is your Roadmap to a fresh start. These transformative 3 months will have nothing to do with juicing, dieting, or counting calories. Instead, they’ll show you the miraculous, healing power of real foods combined with new and improved self-care, a clean, inspired living space and a healthy dose of style and sparkle! This twelve week online group program will jumpstart your metabolism, refocus your mind, and reinvent your home. You will shock yourself at how incredible you can feel with just a few changes and a hit of the ‘ol reset button.


About your Reset tastemaker.

Hiya gorgeous, I’m Rebecca Santilli, your personal health and style coach (yup, I’m that awesome). I absolutely love to help women look and feel their best by showRebecca Santilliing them how to curate a deliciously balanced lifestyle that goes beyond food. I believe a positive mindset should never go out of style, your home should express who you are, and that eating healthier should feel like the biggest thrill. (Not “boring” or “tasteless.”)

When my life was turned upside down by a startling diagnosis, I used whole foods to heal my bod and style to revive my zest for life and now I’m gonna help you do the same (startling diagnosis optional). My expertise comes from a unique mix of three ingredients: I’m a lifelong healthy foodie who’s also a certified health coach and personal stylist. I walk my walk and talk my talk-  I know what it takes to hit the RESET button on your mind, body, home and build a lifestyle that inspires you. This is your chance to boost your self-worth, one shade of neon pink lipstick at a time.


  • You’ll make healthy your norm instead of something you’re temporarily doing (cough, diet, cough.)
  • Beautifying, decluttering and organizing your home will become a no-brainer — you’ll never be short on inspiration because your sense of style will guide you toward what you need most.
  • You’ll stop guilting yourself and start loving yourself (as you are- regardless of pant size.)
  • Stress levels will lower (thanks to accountability!) and you’ll start living the life you really crave.

Yep, that’s what happens when you hit the Reset button and begin to shift your lifestyle. No will-power required.


Three days PRIOR to the program start you’ll receive…
  • your First Month’s Recommended Menu Guide with 16 seasonal recipes (that’s 4 breakfasts, snacks, lunches, and dinners) that you can mix-and-match without wondering what you’re supposed to make when.
  • an invite to a 20-minute private phone chat. (This is you and me, friend to friend, talking expectations and the scoop on your lifestyle.) Yes, a dose of personalized attention, imagine that!
  • a Green Smoothie guide PDF with my top 12 colorful libations sure to energize and balance you during the Reset. Find out if you’re a Green Smoothie Babe, Mezzo, Guru, or Tastemaker so you will totally be prepared to start!
  • the Reset Rundown which will give you the 7 Roadmap Guidelines, how to prep, and what to expect– this includes how to stay on schedule with the modules and get serious about resetting, one small (pleasurable) challenge at a time.


  • We (you, me, and other awesome ladies) will officially kick things off- you’ll get access to a private Facebook group to fully support your Reset with daily prompts, tips, links or challenges (gotta love honest, encouraging community!)
  • You’ll kick things off by getting your Reset goals + desires in line and out there in our group setting. Which means I want to see you participating (it’s all about ACTION, not PERFECTION.)
  • You can schedule your private 20-minute phone coaching session with me in April.
  • When you complete your Weekly Tweaks (challenges) and post to get feedback in the Facebook group, you have a chance to win a delicious prize. Yay!
  • Surprise- special guest experts will be joining us! Think: new recipes and tips to keep us motivated!
  • The recipes will change with the seasons, so that Reset Alum can keep coming back for more!
Every week…
  • I will send you an email with your Reset theme for the week. That’s a total of 12 super impactful modules containing your Weekly Tweaks to complete that will help reset your mind, body, and home.
  • I’ll be holding you accountable from start to finish, Lady! You are to post your progress and pictures to Facebook and Instagram daily throughout the program for comments and feedback. (Disclaimer: you are responsible for posting in a timely manner or you won’t get the feedback you’re dreaming of.)
  • This Reset goes beyond food. But you will be responsible for making at least ONE meal from the menu plan each week. You totally got this!

You’ll strut away with… a solid foundation for happier, healthier, more confident lifestyle. Your life is going to change in ways you never thought were possible.

Plus…plenty of momentum, resources, and know-how to help keep you at your best and to continue on with this beautiful transformation.

“I’m so happy and thankful that I did this Reset with Becca, it changed my life. I feel awesome physically and deeply inspired emotionally to keep up witmariadh this lifestyle. I was tired, couldn’t sleep more than 5 hours, and I had a headache every morning, I was depressed. All that is gone. I don’t wait for the weekend anymore to have fun or do what I like! Not only what we eat, but how we dress, what colors we use and how we take care of our homes. It’s the whole package- mind, body, heart and home. I’ve learned is that we have to take care of ourselves first, so we can take care of our family. For the first time in a long time I’m happy with myself, and that is a great feeling.” -Maria D.

Get in now for $297 3 Payments of $99




Will there be a meal plan that I have to stick to for 3 entire months? No. On the first Monday of every month I will email you a few of my favorite healthy meal ideas, for breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner (that’s 16 seasonal Reset recipes each month). The lunch and dinner options are pretty interchangeable, and many will be make-ahead options to pack for a healthy lunch the next day. These are simply recommendations and totally doable.

What about green smoothies for breakfast? You will get a Green Smoothie guide for any days that you feel that you want more of a ‘power breakfast’ but that’s your call as to how often you make them! Spoiler alert: “Show Me Your Smoothie Saturdays” are about to become a thing!

Will there be assignments? Absolutely, we call them Weekly Tweaks and they are one journal topic, one (enjoyable) act of self-care and one home organizing/beautifying assignment each week, not everyday (no overwhelm, remember?) So you will get one email every Monday for 12 weeks that contains your Reset theme and Weekly Tweaks for the mind, body, and home.

Are there going to be lots of rules to follow like in the 5 Day Reset? Nope! There are 7 Simple Guidelines that make up the new 3 Month Reset Roadmap which will be your daily foundation to help you get serious about living your best life.

How long is it? The Reset officially begins April 6th and wraps up June 28th 2015. Your private 20-minute call will take place in April 2015. Every Reset Insider gets a private call with me — (link will be given 3 days before the Reset starts).

How much personal attention will I get? I am committed to giving as much direct attention as is appropriate and fair within the group setting. And even though Reset is a group program, it’s important to me that I know you and your current lifestyle, on an personal basis. Which is why your Reset experience begins with one private 20-minute call with me.

What does “healthy” even mean? These days, it seems there are millions of conflicting opinions on this topic. I don’t have all the answers, but what I’ve come to realize from being a health + style coach is that “healthy” is more than just the foods we eat- it’s a lifestyle. It’s about embracing your personal style and nourishing your sparkle… Every. Single. Day. I’ve made plenty of (tasty, fun) messes in my own kitchen and done enough styling in clients’ homes to be able to share some simple tips and shifts that have worked to create big “healthy” changes.

But aren’t clothing and decor just superficial things in your life? Ack, nooo lady- they reflect who we are, how we feel, and how we want to spend our days! So if you’re saying you want to feel a certain way, let’s find out if your clothes and home inspire that feeling!

Is this considered a cleanse? You could say the Reset is more of an “anti-cleanse” but yes your body, mind, and home will be going through a bit of a healthy detox during this process. As long as you follow the Reset Roadmap, you will declutter, refresh and reinvent your lifestyle in the best way possible!


All for the intro price of $297 or $99 per month…pretty tasty, right?

Get in now for $297 3 Payments of $99

To sum it up

This is not about weight loss, though once you start crowding out those inflammatory foods and empty calories you may find that you lose a few pounds in the process. I just want to show you how to focus on building good habits over 3 months that will hopefully help you feel your “healthiest” and carry into the rest of your life!

  • 1 private 20-minute phone call with me scheduled within the first month
  • ‘Success swag’ AKA a green smoothie guide with 12 recipes + a menu guide with 16 of my fave seasonal recipes recommendations (emailed monthly, 48 recipes total)
  • 12 Reset modules
  • 48 Tweak assignments total
  • An amazing online community of women
  • Prizes and surprise guests

“Before starting the Reset, I was in a complete and total rut. I needed to figure out how to be happy agjazain, boost my confidence, and start feeling healthy again. Now I have more energy, I’m sleeping much better, and I’m happier knowing I’m doing something great for my body-  and I could feel the effects from the very first day. It’s been a great confidence booster and all around mood changer. From the recipes to the Facebook interaction, Becca succeeded in creating a mini “Reset Community” and I loved every recipe I made! She has a way of helping people reinvent themselves and feel better. I honestly cannot remember the last time I felt this good!” –Jazmin P.

These will be impactful, truly life-changing days and I can’t wait to help you hone your tastes and use this Reset as the beginning of even bigger transformation. (Am I the only one who just got goosebumps?!) Register below!

Get in now for $297 3 Payments of $99

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