6 Ways to Upgrade Your Mind, Body, and Home

1. Your food can be medicine. But one way of eating doesn’t work for all, so I won’t be shoving tofu down your throat. I will show you how to improve your lifestyle by making smarter, easier, food choices that won’t leave you feeling deprived. Truly nourishing foods are the key to creating the life of your dreams – the one in which you feel energized and look your best. Empowerment is everything, and your past relationship with food does not dictate your future. After all I was once known as The Girl Who Couldn’t Boil Water, so if I could learn so can you.

2. Take good care of yourself – you deserve to sparkle (brightly!) There’s a reason why they call it “beauty rest”. Just because you eat tons of greens, doesn’t mean that you’ll automatically restore and renew from diet alone. True wellness comes from a careful balance of relaxation, regular movement, and self-love. When you begin to indulge and pamper yourself, your relationship with your body and your self-esteem will improve.

3. Your wardrobe can be the latest mood-enhancer. You’ll find that loving what you see in the mirror will truly help you achieve great things. Don’t you want to dress your body in a way that makes you feel beautiful? Enough with trying to be like everyone else, there’s no comparison. It’s time to improve your style and let your confidence shine through, all while looking really, truly like YOU.

4. Optimize and enrich your environment. Your living space should reflect, refresh, and inspire you. I’ll show you how a fresh coat of paint and an eye for style can do all that. The clutter in your closet or kitchen pantry may be building up negative energy that keeps you from enjoying your life to the fullest. Bottom line: as you begin to feel more confident you will want to have your external world reflect your inner beliefs. Let’s lighten up your life and release what you can. You will feel in control and focused – you can even lose weight, too!

5. Turn lemons into lemonade. If you continue holding on to an old story and negative self-talk you will remain stuck, stressed, and unfulfilled. Let your challenge become your opportunity to live a more meaningful and connected existence. We’ll talk about all this and how to make seeing the bright side of things your new style.

6. You are what you eat, but you are also the company you keep. Having a damn good support system is a huge, huge part of having a life that really speaks to you. I know your dreams will come true when you kick your beautiful butt into action. And taking action is so much more fun when you have supportive, positive people surrounding you to reach your goals. (Ahem – that’s me!)

You have a taste for life. So why not let the meals you make, the outfits you wear, and the adventures you take be your building blocks to an incredible lifestyle? We will take charge of your health and design the colorful future of your dreams together.

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