5 Reasons for 5 Days

photo(2)5 Reasons Why You Want to Join the Reset starting on Monday October 6th:

1. Because you want to connect with positive, like-minded women.
The private Insiders Facebook group is the perfect place to ask questions, share your experiences, and meet other members- you may even form accountability partnerships based on your time spent here (Reset Besties?!)

2. Because you want to love yourself, take care of yourself, and make your happiness a priority….at least for 5 days!
The Reset Roadmap is an e-cleanse that empowers you to start fresh and nourish yourself with subtle lifestyle tweaks & tips that are realistic, sustainable, and actually enjoyable. Spoiler alert: we will be celebrating our beauty, trying tasty healthy foods, and making our homes peaceful + pretty. Enjoyable, right?

3. Because you want transformation to be fun.
Each morning for 5 days you will receive an email targeting a specific element in your life that could use resetting. The daily mind, body, and home ‘assignments’ will help us activate these elements in a simple, powerful way. The Facebook group will be open the week prior + the week after your 5 days with a variety of quick, engaging posts and audio recordings that support you to strut your stuff and get your energy focused and flowing. That’s 3 weeks of fun in total!

4. Because you want something that’s easy to implement with support from someone who gets it. 
There’s lots of free advice out there in the online world, but there’s nothing that can replace the value from someone who’s been there. I have decades of healthy lifestyle experience combined with a background in style consulting behind the material presented in this program. As a holistic health coach, I know firsthand how your attitude + what you put in your body and home can affect every aspect of your life. Oh and you can easily ask me questions and get feedback both during our private 1:1 call and in the group!

5. Because something tells you that you could totally use a reset!
Whether you’re a newbie or you know the ropes, once you have a taste of something positive + healthy, you’ll want more of it! So listen to yourself and if you want to shake off the blahs and break out of that rut, register here! (And that’s also why I have repeat Resetters, wahoo)

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