Wholly Holy Granoly

Oh whole yes!WITH LOVE

Chef Ma might be a child of 60s, but our Wholly Holy Granoly is not! Hard, fully baked, crunchy oats are in granolas of the past. Being “half baked” is the new experience we offer you with our trendsetting moist, chewy, gluten-free oats. You can definitely tell the difference that comes from using multiple nuts + seeds, various dried fruits and the addition of several herbs + spices. WHG is the whole package, offering oh-so-many taste sensations in each bite. Wheat-free, dairy-free, preservative-free, and sulfite-free. Net weight 12 oz.

We believe that a great life tastes good— try for yourself! Check out our 5 different flavors that are highly addictive, in the most healthy way possible. COST: $10 per bag*. Shipping for U.S. Customers only.

*Now you can also choose from any of our 5 flavors and save $1 off each when you purchase the 3-pack Granoly Bundle! The flavors included are up to YOU. Please include them in the Note field at checkout {Oh-riginal, Roasty Toasty, Figgin’ Amazing, Hawaiian 5-Oh, Chili Oh-Lé}


PicMonkey Collage1PicMonkey Collage2Giving WHG as a gift? Swell idea. When you place your order, tell me in the Notes that it’s a gift, and if you would like a message written. You will get emailed a receipt, and I will be sure to wrap it up all pretty and include a lovely card, naturally.



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Check Out The Latest Wholly Holy Granoly Praise . . .

  WHG Praise 6 “Ever since my first bite, I couldn’t get enough of Wholly Holy Granoly. I have tried almost all the flavors and it totally changed my idea of what granola can be! Lately I can’t get enough of the Chile Olé- it has just the right amount of sweetness and kick to keep me finishing bags faster than the speed of light. Honestly, no matter the flavor, the wholesome goodness (and recognizable ingredients) keeps me coming back for more. I’m a fan for life!” Sesheta Holder

WHG Praise 3 “This is a filling snack with great flavor that can be eaten on its own or in a vanilla yogurt (my favorite suggestion.) I personally love that it is homemade and without those preservatives! Did I mention it tastes awesome?! My favorite flavor is Roasty Toasty, and now with those handy new bags it’s hard to stop noshing.” Julia Patterson

WHG Priase 4 “I am a huge fan of granola and this is absolutely the BEST granola I have ever tasted! My favorite flavor is Roasty Toasty but I also love the Oh-riginal. I have tried all 5 granola flavors and they are different in very subtle but excellent ways. It is wonderful to eat granola that is so tasty and also so healthy. I have it for breakfast in the morning on yogurt but it is also great as a snack when I am in a hurry. I have bought all the flavors now several times and I keep coming back for more.” Lisa Koumis

WHG Praise 2 “You HAVE to try this granola. It’s unlike any other you’ve tasted – soft, sweet, and full of different flavor combinations that will make your taste buds happy. Hawaiian 5-Oh (like OH YESSSSS) is my favorite flavor! It’s clean tasting with the most exceptional + unique blend of tropical flavors. Just the right amount of sweet for a tasty, healthy breakfast. Plus, I feel like I’m in Hawaii when I’m nibbling on it (bonus, vacation in a bag!) It’s clean, healthy, homemade and simple – all while being unbelievably delicious. My life is busy and I’m always on the run, so having an easy snack that I can grab or just throw into a bowl with almond milk or greek yogurt for breakfast is key. It’s not easy to find convenient foods that are actually good for you!” Jamie Jensen, Word-Wing-Woman + Sexy Sentence Slinger @ http://www.yourhotcopy.com

WHG Praise 5 “Anyone who is serious about their health, or who may just be looking for a midnight snack should definitely taste some homemade Wholly Holy Granoly! My personal favorite is Roasty Toasty. I literally eat it right out of the bag, no shame in pouring some straight into my mouth! There are also plenty of other flavors to check out too! This is someone who keeps coming back for more.” Maria Gullo

WHG Praise 1 “I call this Ode to Hawaiian 5-Oh: This mango laced granola symphony takes me away to a sun bathed hammock… with shadows of palm leaves dancing on the pages of my diary. Like the gentle hypnotic swaying of my canvas cocoon, each handful effortlessly becomes another. It’s only when fingers meet empty bag do I wake up from this tropical slumber. It’s time to place an order to book my next Hawaiian getaway.” Ajamu Aljoe

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