Rebecca Santilli A Taste for Life

I couldn’t have said it better myself. No seriously I’ve tried.

Rebecca Santilli A Taste for Life

Sounds pretty damn good, doesn’t it? Well turns out it tastes and looks good too.

And now, for the story of how it all began. The story of why I’m so darn passionate (and equipped) about using food and style to change lives. The story that may remind you of yours.

I’ve never eaten a hot dog or a hamburger.

It’s true. I guess I’m an accidental trendsetter, but I was simply born into a household where health-consciousness was a given. I was raised on a vegetarian-ish (official term) diet by a mother who is an incredibly gifted cook. In fact, I might have become vegan had I not been introduced to sushi at an early age.

I am very thankful for the legacy that my mom created, but like many people in their 20s starting their first jobs (visual merchandising and display in New York City,) I lost sight of what a healthy diet was. Even though I maintained my veggie status, I also invited in some likely suspects into my lifestyle: pasta, booze, cupcakes, caffeine. Add in late nights antics and you get a gal feeling unfulfilled, lethargic, and drained.

2003 brought the wake-up call of my lifetime.

I was diagnosed with an incurable nerve disease called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy or RSD. The crux of this disease meant that I was unable to walk without pain. This forced me to leave my “dream” career behind (spoiler alert: it SO wasn’t!) After visit after visit where doctors said the same thing (life would be popping pills to ‘manage the symptoms’) I instinctively knew there had to be a better answer.

Thus started my mission to take my life back. To turn that sour lemon into electric lemonade by getting back on my two feet (literally) and healing myself through food.

I returned to my roots and embraced a fresh, home-cooked, plant-passionate diet. I read books on anti-inflammatory eating and dabbled to see which foods worked best for me. I made ‘incurable’ my mission and discovered the healing power of acupuncture, yoga practice, and yes, lots of love.

And then something crazy started to happen.

The pain drastically decreased, my anxiety calmed, my digestion improved, and my confidence in the kitchen increased (greatly). I discovered a way to use my natural talents in the personal styling industry, allowing me to spend some time embracing my passion for color and style.

I turned my health hobby into a business. Already known in my circle as the go-to gal for nutrition advice, I decided to attend the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) and became a Certified Health Coach.

Then something even crazier happened.

I realized I deserved a life worth bragging about.

One where you wake up refreshed, get even more energy from getting dressed, enjoy adorning yourself with items (and tats!) that truly make you shine, & feel a boost from breakfast (never like crawling back into bed!)

YOU deserve a life that you’re excited to meet in the morning.

YOU deserve to love your body, your home, and your (life) style (like whoa).

I’m here to help bring your inner sparkle out, with every little energy-enhancing detail of life.

I’ve seen a lot of muddiness out there in the lives of too many lovely ladies.

Ladies who don’t think they’re worthy of the life of their dreams, or the love they desire, or to surround themselves with beauty in every choice. Ladies who put themselves last and then STILL feel guilty or ashamed that they’re not HAPPY.

Maybe you’re one of those ladies too. Well, I love you – but I’m tired of it.

Because you deserve to be happy. Not because you work hard. Not because you take care of everyone else’s needs. Not because you lost some weight this year. Just because you’re you. Self-care is not some self-indulgent concept.


SO here, I keep things simple.
I have one rule: JOY.
I have one goal: Getting YOU back to YOURS (hello, authentic self!)
Because babe, we believe you’re worthy of everything little thing you desire.

So I’ve devised a process to help you clear the clutter you don’t want – in your {mind}, {body}, and {home} – to help you invite the stuff you really, really do.

It’s life. ReStyled.  Founded on the idea that every single lifestyle choice impacts another, and that we truly are the artists of our own lives. You can clothe yourself in the most gorgeous dress ever, but if you feel sick from eating terribly – are you really enjoying it? You can make sure you’re nourishing your body and enjoying your meals with abandon, but if you’re still wearing frumpy ill-fitting clothes from another decade – do you really feel fabulous? You can change the color of your bedroom, buy fancy new sheets, or upgrade your shower curtain, but if you’re leaving your home to meet the world with sickness, fatigue, or clothes that don’t feel like your style – are you really expressing yourself in life?

My  guess is… probably not!

Well, I’m here to help you turn the dial and tweak the areas that desperately need tweaking until you find the proper setting (and style) for YOU! Aura Soma + Breathwork are just two of my tools for healing (and tweaking) that have helped me so much, I can’t wait to share them with you!

So first I discovered the healing power of food. Now, I combine this knowledge with my training and intuition in Personal Styling + Color and Breathwork to bring you a holistic approach to sparkly living.

Rebecca Santilli A Taste for Life

I’d love to hear your story.


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