Blah is not a lifestyle.
But it sneaks its way in, doesn’t it?
(That bastard)
The listlessness, the unhappiness, the rut.
It’s almost like one day you woke up and realized you weren’t even living a fraction of the life you imagined.
And instead?
  • You’re morbidly uninspired
  • Your body-love is at an all time low (even in that gorgeous LBD you used to love so much.)
  • You’re sleeping with the enemy (mediocrity)
  • You stare vacantly into the fridge; out of touch with what tastes good, what feels good.
  • Your style is sagging; in your home, in your pantry, in your closet
  • You know --you just know-- that there’s a bolder, healthier, more fabulous version of yourself dying to get out.
I’m so glad you asked.

Because I’ve been there. And now I just so happen to have the answers (Intuitive Personal Stylist and Healer at your service.)

Through fresh, fun, innovative takes on things like one-on-one Rainbow Breath Healing sessions, and inspiring ways to cleanse your closet, I’ll get you rethinking and reinventing everything you’re wearing, eating, thinking, and putting out into the world.

I’ll teach you the power of a green smoothie, the impact of a bright-colored sweater; the brilliance of a well-styled home. And everything in between.

I’ll show you that you can have a life you’re proud of. You can feel good about yourself again (or finally, for the first time.) You can clear your internal clutter through breathwork, using the breath to purge the body of emotional gunk. You can manifest your desires using your wardrobe and the colors of the rainbow. You can release what’s not working, in order to make room for better. You can transform your entire, sparkly self from the inside out and the outside in. You can go from rut to strut. And actually stick with it.

This is you taking back control of your life. This is you doing something different. This is you demanding more from yourself and for yourself.

This is life, ReStyled with Rebecca Santilli
So if you are ready --like actually, fully, wildly, “can we start yesterday!!??” ready--to stop making excuses and start making the life you want (need, deserve,)...then I am your woman, and your better life awaits.

Okay toots, three ways to get after it: